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                "Embroidered in the First"
                Installation, synthetic gauzes computer prints, linen threads, 2005-2010 
                Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv Israel

This installation belongs to a larger group of works in which Mirit Cohen Caspi delves into the  recognized body images, exploring bodily changes, the traces of time, and the meaning of beauty.
She photographs parts of her husband's, and her son's, body, "embroiders" on them with a special software, and prints them on various fabrics.
In her artwork she combines crafts habitually identified as "traditional" and "feminine" with high technology, weaving the images into new figures where the boundaries between body and garment are blurred. Their interior and exterior become one. In a series of prints hung out like laundry, the three-dimensional body has been hollowed out, leaving behind
a two-dimensional print reminiscent of skin, a mere cover representing the human figure and offering a different view of body culture.
Curator:  Ronit Eden
photo: Eyal Pinkas


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