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About Mirit Cohen Caspi


1980-84 Studied Fine Arts at the Beit Berl Academic Colleg 'Hamidrasha',Israel.
The head of the Plastic Arts stream in the
"Reut" high school of arts (Wizo secondary school of Art and Design),Haifa.
One person Exhibitions

1986    Camera Obscura Gallery, Haifa, Israel.
1987    Beit Yad Lebanim Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1988    Meimad Katan Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1991    Artists’ Studio Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1994    Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 
            Lohamei Hagetaot Gallery, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot, Israel.
2003    Mini Retrospective,Mishkan LeOmanut, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel.Curator:Galia Bar Or 
           Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 
2004    The Corine Maman Ashdod Museum, Israel.
2007    Gal-On Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2009    Goren Gallery,Emek Izrael,Israel.
2010    Givat Haim Gallery, Kibbutz Givat Haim, Israel.
  Embroidered in the First, Zeritsky Artists House,Tel Aviv, Israel.Curator:Ronit Eden

Group Exhibitions

1982    Young Artists’ Biennale, Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Israel (catalogue).
1983    Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel (catalogue).
1985    “Front Line”, Mishkan LeOmanut, Museum of Art, Ein Harod,
            Israel (catalogue).
1986    “Pressure Cooker”, Young Art in Israel, Jerusalem Theater,srael (catalogue). 
1988    Meimad Visual Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1989    “Venice Biennale, Aperto 90- The Israeli Proposal” Museum of
            Israeli Art, Ramat Gan Museum, Israel (catalogue). 
1990    “Winners of Young Artist Prize”, Herzelia Museum, Israel (catalogue).
            Sculpture Biennale, Ein Hod, Israel (catalogue).
           “The Column in Contemporary Israeli Sculpture”, Tel-Aviv 
            University Gallery, Israel (catalogue).
1991    Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Israel (catalogue).
           “Israel Art Month”, Israel Festival, Jerusalem Israel (catalogue).
           “Domestica”, The Israel Painters and Sculptors Association in
            Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1992   “Young Art from Israel”, Germany (Leipzig, Bonn, Berlin) (book).
           “The Artist as a Bridge between Words”, Haifa University, Israel.
1993   ”Enclosed Herewith find a Matchbox”, International Art 
            Exhibition of Matchboxes, Yavne Art Workshop; Janco Dada
            Museum, Ein Hod, Israel.
1994    Israeli Art in Istanbul, Turkey.
            Sculpture Park, Bank Leumi, “Keshev” Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Curator: Doron Polak (catalogue).
            “Hot Kitchen”, Art Focus, Sara Konforti Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
            “Flags”, Art Focus, Ashdod Museum, Israel (catalogue).
            “Dialogue”, Bed Kissingen, Germany; Forsenfeld, Austria 
Curator: Doron Polak (catalogue). 
            Cosmos Gallery, Vienna (catalogue).
1995    “Five Years till 2000”, Herzelia Museum, Israel.
1995    “Power Plant Exhibition”,Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel (catalogue). 
            “Peace makers”, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (catalogue). 
            “Art Architecture”, The Israel Painters and Sculptors 
             Association in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
            “Greetings Of Peace” Exhibition of Postcards, Arts Center Of 
             Givat-Haviva, Israel.
            “Bridge to the Future” International Print Triennial, Krakow (book). 
2000    “Milestone For Peace” International Exhibition of Stones, Israel, N.Y. Venice 
Curator: Doron Polak.
            “Love at First Sight", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
             (Arturo Schwarz Collection of Israeli Art) (book).
            “Markers” Venice Biennale 2001, Venice, Italy 
Curator: Doron Polak (book).
2002    “Markers 2”, Kassel City of Documenta, Germany Curator: Doron Polak (catalogue).
            “Wandering Library”, The Juish Museum Venice, Italy (book).
2003    “Fabrication” The Corine Maman Ashdod Museum, Israel (catalogue).
            “Nture Not Nture” Museum, Ein Hod, Israel (catalogue).
            “Nture Not Nture” Ascola Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
            “Etching versus Digital” International Print Triennial, Krakow-Opole.
2004    “Material into Image Israeli Sculpture in Wood, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel.
2005    "On The Banks Of the Yarkon" video film screening/presentation,
             Tel Aviv Museum Israel (catalogue). 
2006    "Politically Incorrect", video film screening/presentation in the scope of the
             Israeli Music festival, the Rebecca Crown auditorium, Jerusalem, Israel.. 
            "Toe-by-Toe" – the Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv Israel.
            "Rachel's Tomb Over Generations" – the arts studio, Yavneh (Catalog).
             Video film screening/presentation in the Felicia Blumenthal
             Music Center, Tel-Aviv. Israel.
2007     "football in the museum", video film screening/presentation,
             Ashdod Museum Israel (Catalog).
2008     "The Art of Reconciliation" Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library,2008
             Washington DC 
Curator: Doron Polak.
            "Blue/White Exhibition,The Mizel Museum Denver, Colorado Curator: Doron Polak.
            "Territorial Bodies – Contemporary sculpture from Israel",Beelden Aan Zee Museu
             Den Haag, Nederland. Curatorship and Exhibition Design Ronit Eden(Catalog). 
            "Alima" homage exhibition,Hamidrasha Gallery,Tel Aviv.
2010     Pyramida Gallery, Haifa, Israel 
Curator: Shirli Meshulam
             New Prints 2010/Spring, Selected by: Philip Pearlstein,
             IPCNY International Print Center, New York, USA.
2011       "Holy-Womb-Tomb" | Women, Sex and Judaism, Contemporary by Golconda Curator: Liav Mizrahi
                 "Evergreen", Bet avi ai Jerusalem.Curator:
Ayanah Fridman
2012       "The Gatewatcher", International Artists Address the Boundaries of Gender,  Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam,
                  The Netherlands Curatorship and Exhibition Design Ronit Eden
                 "Hot summer", Cabri Gallery, Curator: Drora Dekel


Prizes and Awards

1983     America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship.
1990     America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship. 
            Young Artist Prize, Ministry of Education and Culture.
1991     Herman Struk Prize, Municipality of Haifa, Israel.
1994     Young Artist Prize, Haifa Culture Fund.

Works in Collections

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel (Arturo Schwarz collection).
Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Israel.
Ein Harod Museum, Israel.
Leumi Bank, Israel.
Venice Municipality.
Merhav Group of Companies Israel.
Tova Osman Gallery Israel.
Private collections
Tel Hashomer hospital Israel.



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