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1997 wood bark paper pencils rubber ball cotton threads computer print 178x112 cm
I See the Future, 1997, linen threads, sewing threads, silicone, pins and computer print, 15x15 cm.
1997-1998, spade (wood and metal), clay, silicone, plastic and computer print, 150x30 cm.
Dear Balak, 1996-1997, cloth shoe, dried branches, clay, earth, silicone, plastic nails and purple nail varnish, 96x30 cm.
1997-1998, cotton basket, branches, silicone, and computer print, 100x60 cm.
1998, roots, fabric, pins, and computer print, 160x20 cm.
1999-2000, leather coat, silicone, and computer print resembling leather, 100x60 cm.
2001-2002, synthetic gauzes, silicone and computer print, 70x70x30 cm.
1996, computer print on paper, 3 units, each: 91x72 cm.
2002, leather boots, silicone, and computer print resembling bristles, 60x35 cm.
2002, shoes, fabric, pins, and computer print resembling bristles, 45x30 cm.
1998-1999, silicone, cloth fibers, woolen blanket, roots and computer print resembling earth and roots, 160x52 cm

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