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The boxes 1989-91
1990, pine, white glass, aluminum, metal net, 50x21x35 cm.
1990, pine 190x38 cm. The Sculpture Biennale of Ein Hod.
Column Casing, 1990, white pine, height: 280cm.
1991, pine, aluminum threads, glass ball, 23x17X15 cm.
1989, pine, mahogany,56x4 x25 cm.
1989, plywood and green glass bottle  (in the work’s interior space),
1991, pine, stainless steel, too “cupping glasses”, plexiglass, 20x30X20 cm.
1989, plywood, and aluminum 29x29X40 cm.
,1991, pine, glass, aluminum and metal net’ 41x17X20 cm.
1990, plywood, pine, round wooden rods and hinges, 70x50X50. cm.
1991 plywood, wooden handle, round wooden poles, nails, aluminum, 17x73X20cm.
1990, wood and plywood,115x40X50 cm.
1991,mahogany, porcelain handle, metal 170x6X30 cm.

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