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 Tel Aviv artist studios gallery  1991


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Iron, glass, drawing on synthetic gauze,300cm diameter.
General view of the gallery space
Drawing on synthetic gauze, 170X187 cm
Drawing on synthetic gauze, 215x160 cm
- Drawing on synthetic gauze, 200X90 cm
Drawing on synthetic gauze, 160X180 cm
Drawing on synthetic gauze, 33X60 cm.


MIRIT COHEN-CASPI shows several loosely hung mixed-media drawings on synthetic
material and four constructed wall relief's..
The Former are brutish graphic interpretations of a major, floor-oriented, circular sculpture fabricated
from painted metal, glass and fibrous paper and the latter, wooden containers inspired by artists like Joseph Cornell.
Although the semi-abstract drawings and central rotund pool occupy the greater part of the exhibit, Cohen-Caspi's low key and contemplative Zen boxes, built from unstained plywood
and pine, are much more interesting. Their mysterious, shrine-like appearance is enhanced by excellent craftsmanship and carpentry.
Within the inner recesses of each louvered relief Cohen-Caspi has inserted some form of magical object which takes the viewer several steps past the work's obvious forms and textures.
A crystalline green marble and softly illuminated metallic
screening encourage one to concentrate on the simple things
in life, the intimate pleasures and the quiet times rarely achieved.
(Tel Aviv Artist studios, 18 Elifelet.) Till November 9.  
By Gil goldfine. 








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