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Mirit Cohen-Caspi is an Israeli artist. She developed a new language that incorporates digital printing into works of sculpture in soft materials, found objects and natural materials. If in the ’80s she engaged in sculpture with an affinity to industrial work, to carpentry, to mechanical tools, such as a crane, ten years later what became relevant were materials and techniques identified with “feminine work” – weaving, knitting, hair, and assimilations of a long tradition of manual work into contemporary technology. From here on she turned to enigmatic, sensual, biomorphic sites, in which the masculine and the feminine seeped into one another.                  
*From:"On the Oeuvre of Mirit Cohen-Caspi"by:Galia Bar-Or.
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Download Mirit Cohen-Caspi’s Full catalogue,in Acrobat PDF format. The Museum of Art Ein Harod






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