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 "The Gatewatcher" 
 International Artists Address the Boundaries of Gender
 Curatorship and Exhibition Design Ronit Eden  

 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherland


This installation belongs to a larger group of works in which Mirit Cohen-Caspi delves into the  female world, exploring bodily changes, the traces of time, and the meaning of beauty
She photographs parts of her husband's, and her son's, body, "embroiders" on them with a special software, and prints them on various fabrics
In her artwork she combines crafts habitually identified as "traditional" and "feminine" with high technology, weaving the images into new figures where the boundaries between body and garment are blurred. Their interior and exterior become one. In a series of prints hung out like laundry, the three-dimensional body has been hollowed out, leaving behind a two-dimensional print reminiscent of skin, a mere cover representing the human figure and offering a different view of body culture

Curator Ronit Eden 
"The Gatewatcher"
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  2012


The exhibition "The Gatewatcher" explores the boundaries of gender in Western culture. Contemporary art works introduce questions about the definition of sexual identity and why a blurring of its boundaries invokes a sense of threat. What is the place of external signs associated with a given sexual definition in today's society? Why is a rejection, or even a violent response, invoked when boundaries are crossed? Is it dress, bodily gestures or other features identified with the other that scare us? Engagement with the boundaries of gender does not rank high on the agenda in comparison to pressing existential concerns. Nevertheless, it touches upon questions of morality, religion and law, which have social and cultural implications on our everyday life.

The exhibition features group of artists from various countries whose works cross prevalent gender boundaries, using external features of the other sex, such as dress code or behavioral code, to create sculpture, photographs and video works.Curator Ronit Eden 
Artists:Mirit Cohen-Caspi, Gil Yefman, Itamar Gilboa
Camile Smeets, Dorothea Seror, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Katarzyna Kozyra, Silia Tung



University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality



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